About Us

Ola-Kayus Farms is a Farm that deals with different livestock and feeds processing. We supply life Rabbit for Rabbit farmer, Processed Rabbit for hotels as Special delicacy, Supermarket and Mails for those who cares for laern-meats.

We breed and rare live rabbits of different breeds, we keep rabbit faeces and urine for farmers to convert it to manure and pesticides, we assist in building rabbit cages for farmers and produced rabbit feeds both in marsh and pelleted from, We train prospective rabbit farmers to make regular income through rabbit farming, We supply live rabbit to secondary schools, higher institutions and medical research institute for their laboratory analysis, We supply store and supermarket with frozen and flesh rabbit meat.


* White/lean meat

* Low in cholesterol

* Low in sodium

* High in protein

* Low in calories

* Low in saturated fats

* The presence of calcium in rabbit meat provides Kids with healthy bones and teeth

* Good for hypertensive and diabetic patients

* Idea food for pregnant women and children due to it's highly digestible nutrients